What are Lightwriters?

Lightwriters are small, robust, portable voice output communication aids (VOCA) specially designed to meet the particular and changing needs of people with speech loss resulting from a wide range of acquired, progressive and congenital conditions.

Easy to use - Lightwriters are extremely easy to use - just turn on and type. No special training is required for their basic operation. Unlike computers, Lightwriters turn on and off instantly, making them ready for use at the touch of a button.

Clear and simple set-up - Setups are easy to understand and simple to change. All models are supplied with a straight forward user guide and getting started guide.

Dual displays - Lightwriters have high legibility dual displays, one facing the user and a second out-facing display allowing natural face-to-face communication. This gives the user the opportunity to maintain eye contact, facial expression, and body language with their conversational partner.

Long battery life - Lightwriters are powered by rechargeable batteries that permit use all day long.

Versatile - Lightwriters are designed to accommodate a wide range of conditions which may accompany loss of speech, such as limited control, tremor, weak muscles, spasticity, slow reactions, cognitive limitations, impaired vision and deafness.

Telephoning/SMS - Some Lightwriter models can send SMS texts and can be used as a mobile phone enabling more flexible methods of communication when out and about.

Memory and Prediction - Lightwriters have a large memory capacity, so that frequently-used words or phrases can be easily retrieved with fewer key strokes.  Word prediction offer a significant increase in speed and may particularly benefit those with slower or developing typing skills, those who use alternative access methods and those who have difficulty finishing words.

Available in several languages (our language selection is expanding, please contact us for latest information) - English (GB and US), French (also French Canadian), German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish. Visit the Acapela site here for voice demonstrations.  

Always consult your Speech and Language Therapist for advice on the correct communication solution for your needs.