Micro Voice Amp

The Micro Voice Amp is perfect for those with a weak or strained voice, or who regularly use their voice intensively.

We have designed our latest voice amplifier to allow the user to get their message across loud and clear without straining or causing further damage to their voice. Micro Voice Amp gives the user control over the volume of their voice in noisy environments, to groups of people, indoors and outdoors with confidence.

Features What’s in the box Technical Suitable for
  • Improved technology - High quality loud and clear sound, reduced distortion and feedback, fast charging, extremely long battery life.
  • Effective features - Coloured LED indicators, mute function, audio output port.
  • Smart design - Discreet compact black casing, lightweight and portable enough to wear or carry, simple intuitive operation.
  • Flexible microphone options - Choose from a high quality AVI headset microphone; a discreet lapel microphone which can be clipped onto clothing; or a transdermal microphone designed to pick up even faint vocal sounds.

  • Micro Voice Amp
  • Charger
  • Belt clip and waist strap
  • User guide
  • Microphone option

Size: 122 x 67 x 32mm
Approx Weight: 210g
Ports: 3.5mm mono input, 3.5mm stereo output
Integrated rechargeable battery: 40hrs active, 200hrs standby

  • Vocal damage – healing from throat or neck surgery, damage or inflammation around vocal cords or voice box.
  • Public speaking – classroom or small public setting.

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