Mice, trackers & switches

A growing range of ways to operate your computer, communication device or controller without the need for complex movements or motor skills.

Quha Zono Mouse

Quha Zono is perfect for those who want to use a computer but cannot use an ordinary mouse.

MyGaze Assistive Eye Tracker

The MyGaze from Visual Interaction offers an alternative way to use a computer mouse with just the gaze of your eyes. 

Click Switch

Low Profile, low force switch with adjustable switch force from 40-100gms.

Pneumatic Switch with bar clamp

Pneumatic switch comes fully assembled. Sip or puff operation. Lightweight flexible arm - extended reach of approx 110cm. Supplied with heavy duty clamp. Includes interchangeable mouthpiece.

Quha Pufo

A wireless puff switch for Quha Zono. Can be attached to the Neckband, making Quha Zono even more versatile as a headmouse.

Pillow Switch

Padded switch with a soft removable cover. Comes with a velcro and safety pin fitting ideal for attaching to fabric. Approx size: 90mm (3.54 inches)

Micro Light Switch

A very small, sensitive switch which can be mounted if required. Comes with a selection of four coloured stickers. Approx size: 45x19x15mm (0.75x1.77x0.59 inches).