Communication Aids

Abilia Toby Churchill provides a variety of Voice Output Communication Aids (VOCA)

Lightwriters are small, robust and portable. They are dedicated to accommodating the wide range of physical disabilities which may accompany impairment or loss of speech such as limited control or mobility, spasticity, slow reactions, cognitive limitations, impaired vision and deafness.

Abilia Toby Churchill also provides other computer-based communication aids that are specially designed to meet the particular and changing needs of people with speech loss resulting from a wide range of acquired, progressive and congenital conditions.

Lightwriter® SL40 series - Scanning

Lightwriter SL40 Scanning enables access to the SL40 and SL40 Connect for those with limited abilities or with progressive or changing needs.

Lightwriter® SL40 Connect

Portable and robust keyboard based text-to-speech featuring a fast prediction system, notebook, SMS texting, environmental control, mobile phone calls and USB backup.

Lightwriter® SL40

Portable and robust keyboard based text-to-speech featuring a fast prediction system, notebook, SMS texting and environmental control.

Rolltalk® NOVA

Rolltalk NOVA is a multifunctional communication aid which can allow people to take more control of their lives.

Grid Pad Range

The Grid Pad range of devices provide the ultimate solution for users of alternative communication technology. There are three types of Grid Pad and each one is packed…

Tobii DynaVox Compass and T10

Tobii DynaVox Compass is an innovative, flexible, and robust communication software tool for anyone with complex communication needs.

Tobii DynaVox EyeMobile

The Tobii DynaVox EyeMobile allows for completely hands-free access to Windows 8 Pro tablets.

Tobii DynaVox I-Series

The Tobii DynaVox I-12 and I-15 are speech generating devices that enable effective communication.

Tobii DynaVox T7

The Tobii Dynavox T7 is the ultimate ultra-portable, ultra-light speech-generating device.

Tobii DynaVox M-8

The Tobii DynaVox M-8 is a truly portable, rugged communication aid that lets you talk at home, on the bus, at work, indoors, outdoors – basically wherever you go.

Tobii DynaVox M3

M3 is perfect for beginners. Designed for children and adults who communicate best in motivating settings with help of a communication partner.


A comprehensive range of mounts and accessories are available for your Lightwriter in our price list.