1 hour Timelog

"With my Time Log I can see clearly WHEN, and HOW LONG I may stay in the shower."

Time Log is for people who do not understand the ordinary time notions and think it's hard to know WHEN something is going to happen.

When the usual concept of time is too abstract and when it is not possible to with a quick glance at the clock get a feel for the time of the day, Time Log can be used to provide a structure to your day.

Time Log can illustrate WHEN to begin a certain activity and for HOW LONG you are supposed to keep on doing it.

Features Technical

Time Log is an aid for counting down preset time intervals. By pressing the start button for the desired time, a number of LEDs will turn on, and countdown will start. The countdown is visualized by a series of LED turning off, one by one. Closed countdown is indicated by flashing LEDs and audio signals. The sound level can be regulated.

Time Log is also available as 8 minutes and 20 minutes.

Rechargeable batteries allow up to 60 hours of use.