Can I connect my Lightwriter SL35/SL87 to my computer?

You can connect your Lightwriter SL35 to your computer, but with limited functionality.
This may be useful in a classroom or office setting, but you may prefer to use the keyboard and mouse supplied with your computer as there are insufficient keys on a Lightwriter keyboard to provide full control of your computer.

(This solution is written for Lightwriter SL35, Lightwriter SL38, Lightwriter SL5, Lightwriter SL55, Lightwriter SL56, Lightwriter SL85, Lightwriter SL87, Lightwriter SL35 Cherry and Lightwriter SL35 BigKeys).

Recommended Solution

  • The Lightwriter keystrokes can be passed through into a program such as Notepad.
  • This uses the SerialKeys program on your computer.

Note - More up-to-date versions of the Lightwriter, such as the Lightwriter Swift can upload, download, copy and backup files to and from your computer with ease.

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