07 May

Free downloads and support - Alphabet Communication Boards

The Toby Churchill Communication Board is a low cost yet effective form of communication.

You can use it to supplement your current means of communication, as a backup to your Lightwriter (or other high-tech communication aid), or as part of your whole communication strategy.

Extremely basic to use - simply point to the letters to spell words in order to communicate.

The Communication Board is available to download as a free of charge PDF from the below link:

Download the Communication Board PDF here.

The Communication Board contains the letters of the alphabet, common words and emotions. The PDF contains 4 choices of keyboard – QWERTY, qwerty, ABCD or abcd. Just make your choice and print it yourself.

Once printed, you are ready to go, it’s totally portable and it is best to keep it handy at all times. You could also laminate it in order to make it studier and longer lasting. If you lose or damage it you can just print out another.

It is a useful item to keep in critical care units, doctor’s surgeries, schools, day centres, hospices, private homes. It can be used by anybody literate who is unable to speak such as those with vocal cord damage, swallowing difficulties, stroke survivors, MS, MND, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Parkinson’s disease, dyspraxia and other conditions affecting speech. It is also useful when communicating with people with hearing problems.


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