Your Stories

Lightwriters are specially designed to meet the particular and changing needs of people living with speech loss resulting from a wide range of acquired, progressive and congenital conditions.

However, everybody is an individual. Lightwriter settings are adjustable and many have been personalised to the individual’s choice of voice, rate and volume. The speech software even predicts words and learns the style of language of the user. A lot of people also like to give their Lightwriter a name!

If you have a story that you would like to share please get in touch with us by emailing

A selection of device users can be found below:

  • Read Sian's story
    Sian has been a Lightwriter SL40 user for several years. More recently her communication needs have changed. Our Product Advisor Vernon Jones went to visit her to discuss her new requirements.
  • Read Ben's story
    Ben has had a very successful medical career, surviving two strokes and proving that anything is possible if you persevere.
  • Read Lee's story
    Hi, I'm Lee. I have no speech because of cerebral palsy. In my spare time I do stand up comedy.
  • Read Barry's story
    Hello my name is Barry Smith and I have Cerebral Palsy which makes my speech hard to understand. Access to my Lightwriter has been the key to my independence.
  • Read Toby's story
    I lost my speech in my early twenties as a result of encephalitis and designed the first Lightwriter for my own use over 40 years ago.
  • Read Beth's story
    Beth has been using communication aids since she was 4 years old
  • Read Janine's story
    I was first introduced to the Lightwriter when I was around ten. Before I had tried the Lightwriter nothing seemed to fill the communicational void.
  • Read Sophie's story
    Hello, I am Sophie. I live in Leeds with my Mum, Dad and two brothers
  • Read Morgan's story
    Hello, my name is Morgan and I am 18 years old I live in Melbourne with my parents and two sisters.
  • Read Malcolm's story
    Malcolm survived a brain injury and lost his speech after a major road traffic accident in 1991 and was in hospital for over 3 years
  • Read Simon's story
    My name is Simon Stevens, I am currently 36 and I have cerebral palsy.
  • Read Melinda's story
    Mel is a community development worker from Melbourne, Australia. She worked with Toby Churchill on the development of the Lightwriter SL40.
  • Read Alex's story
    Alex is an active ten year old boy who lives with an undiagnosed disorder which prevents the use of speech
  • Read Lena's story
    Lena is a Lightwriter user from Sweden. This is a translation of her story
  • Read Charlotte's story
    Charlotte lives with Cerebral Palsy and is profoundly deaf. TheLightwriter SL40 has helped develop her social network and independence.
  • Read Marie's story
    Marie has Cerebral Palsy and finds her Lightwriter SL40 a great benefit to her studies.
  • Read Vincente's story
    Vincente is a 9 year old living with Cerebal Palsy and Verbal Dyspraxia.
  • Read Lynne's story
    Hello my name is Lynne and I am 38 yrs old, from Surrey (UK). I am partially deaf and speech impaired
  • Read Kati's story
    My name is Kati. I have a rare condition as a result of been born with my thyroid not working
  • Read Brian's story
    Brian, who lives with motor neurone disease, was excited to get a new Lightwriter SL40 as he wanted to text his family and friends. Now he is doing this – and more.
  • Read Nathan's story
    Hello, my name is Nathan and I am 17 years old.